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Posts published in “North Carolina”

All things DMV related in the state of North Carolina

Is Your Vehicle Registration Expiring?


Is your vehicle registration expiring, and you don’t know what to do?  No need to worry, we’ve got you covered with a step by step guide to renewing your vehicle…

Car Registration Property Tax


North Carolina’s vehicle Tag & Tax Together Program combines the billing of vehicle Property Tax and Registration fees so you can pay them together, so don’t forget your vehicle property taxes…

Limited Registration Plate


Buying a new car is always exciting! The car dealers can be a bit pushy, but hey you’re driving off in something new, and nobody can tell you nothing with…

North Carolina Car Title Transfer and Registration


An auto title transfer may come across as needlessly complicated, but it can actually be a relatively simple process. It’s simply a case of factoring in your current circumstances and…

North Carolina First Year of Inspection Waived?


Did you just move to the state of North Carolina and need to register your car? Let me tell you a secret that the Department of Motor Vehicles does not advertise, and Inspection Stations fail to let you know about. If your vehicle was registered in another state prior to coming to North Carolina, you do not; I repeat DO NOT need to have your vehicle inspected in order to get plates and registration. Crazy right?