Hawaii Car Title Transfer and Registration

Registering your vehicle in Hawaii is a bit different from most other states. So what do you need to take with you to complete your transaction the first time? It depends on how you own your automobile (leasing, making payments, or owner with title) and how you want to register (single, joint, business or transfer to family member) your automobile.

Vehicle registration must be completed with the Hawaii Department of Transportation, however, your vehicle must be registered to the Hawaii county where you reside. The process differs by your county.

You must register your vehicle within 30 days, but in order to do so, you must first obtain a safety inspection certificate from any authorized safety check station.

Vehicle Registration & Title Transfer Process

To complete the vehicle registration and title process, go to your county’s closest motor vehicle registration office and submit:

  • A completed Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle.
    • All owners listed on the title must sign the application.
  • The most recent out-of-state certificate of vehicle registration.
  • The out-of-state title.
  • A shipping receipt or bill of lading documenting the date of the vehicle’s arrival.
  • A Hawaii certificate of safety inspection.
  • Proof of your vehicle’s weight by the manufacturer.
    • If you do not have manufacturer’s documentation, have your vehicle weighed on a certified scale.
  • A Motor Vehicle Use Tax Certification form (G-27).
    • This form determines if you are required to pay use tax on your vehicle. Additional forms may be required.
    • For more information on this form, contact the Taxpayer Service Branch at:
      • (800) 222-3229.
      • Hearing impaired: (800) 887-8974.
  • Payment for all registration fees determined by the registration office.

To be sure you have everything you need before getting in line at your county’s nearest motor vehicle registration office, visit www.transfermyauto.com, answer 3 to 5 questions to generate a checklist of what is needed. Military personnel often get tax breaks in many states, your checklist will indicate if this is the case.